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R310 Replacement Internal Coil Spring

R310 Replacement Internal Coil Spring

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Replacement internal coil spring for pre 2023 R310 Rowing Machine.  Requires end user installation. To swap it, you need to remove the cover from the base of the machine. You will then see the assembly at the rear of the rower, which you need to unbolt to remove. On the left side if the coil housing.  There are 3 screws on the lid, which you need to remove and the coil can then be replaced by watching the below video:

You then need to re-tension the belt by following the below video:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony Edwards

My rowing machine is probably more than 10yrs old. It's a BodySculpture (or something?) 3160. The supplier was unable to offer any spares in view of its antiquity.
So I took a chance on this spare spring.
I had to modify the spring where it fits into the inner drum, but other than that, fitting the new spring into the drum was fairly straightforward. The worst part was cleaning away all the molybdenum disulphide grease from the original spring & drum
So it's given, hopefully, a new lease of life.

Geoff Firth

Really pleased to find Spring available for Rowing Machine.
Arrived promptly.
Very easy to fit.
Follow videos from links supplied at this site.

NS Fox

Probably the most surprising and positive element of this purchase was that a spare / replacement part was even available. Most things today seem to be just throwaway products - not repairable. I was amazed to see there was the possibility to repair!
The ordering, price and payment method, and delivery were all easily accomplished.
The installation was straightforward, but installing the actual coil was a little hairaising - dread of it coming uncoiled and the big shuddering snap when I finally removed the holding band were nervewracking (when taking the old coil out, it sprang out and then violently uncoiled all over the place).
Next I needed to figure out that the rowing strap had to be under quite a bit of tension - and had to figure out how to do that - which is quite easy and obvious ONCE you know about it! I suppose people with experience would have known all about that.
Anyway, I have it reassembled and ready for rowing. The installation took several hours (including a coffee break). If I had to do it again, it wouldn't take that long.
Very happy with everything.


I can't believe how wonderful the customer service is from this company. They go above and beyond and larger companies could take note and up their game and do what these guys do.
Keep up the good work
Thanks again